It’s Okay Not to Be Okay…

Dear Reader,

I know it can be an arduous journey with even the simplest of tasks. This Monday definitely felt like a Monday if you know what I mean. Sometimes your plate is so full, even your fridge is overpacked with leftovers. Honestly, that’s okay as long as you know how to play Tetris. Meaning, buy that cute planner with all the stickers and organize. If you’re like me that can be daunting and moot. I try and try to keep up with everything, be it my planner or outlook calendar with all those pretty colors and tasks. What about that new feature, Project Mocha? Once again ADD sets in and you try and try to focus and do your best but you just feel like the piles of food gets higher and higher. I’m not even hungry! You might think to yourself as it grows exponentially. Do not fret, the semester is almost over and there is a long-awaited break on the horizon. Keep pushing forward, it’s okay to fall just don’t ever give up. Don’t be that survivor everyone is talking about. Be a thriver! Take care of yourself, you deserve it you beautiful soul!